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Understanding how young people take decisions for social and political issues

We want to give young people a voice on social and political issues and invite you and your child to take part in our research! We are happy to answer any questions on our studies and on how your child can get involved. You can reach out to us anytime at

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About our research

What do we study?

Adolescence is a crucial period of development where individuals undergo significant changes in how they think and feel. We are investigating how these changes may impact the ways in which young people take decisions about social and political issues.


How does taking part in our research work?

Over the next three years, we will invite young people to take part in different research projects. We will start by inviting many young people across the United Kingdom to fill out a survey three times, each one year apart. Each time it will only take around 20 minutes, and we will ask questions on how young people perceive political and social issues. This will allow us to study how their opinions develop. Filling out this survey is completly voluntary and all results are anonymized. For adolescents under the age of 16, we will first obtain parental consent, and only then send them a link to the survey. They can then simply fill out the survey from home! 


​​What can we offer to you and your child?

Taking part in our research gives young people like your child the opportunity to express their views on social and political issues. This can help to better understand how young people can be involved in societal decisions, and inform schools and policy makers about their needs. Beyond that, your child will get first-hand experience of participating in academic research. In the  future, there will also be possibilities to visit the research team in person at Royal Holloway, University of London.

How can your child participate in our research?

There are different ways on how you and your child can play an active role in our research. We will invite students from schools across the UK to fill out our survey for the first time in Spring 2024. If your child's school has not sent you information on how to participate, we will be happy to send you a link to the consent form and an information sheet. Simply write a short email to You can also write to this email in case of any other questions - We are more than happy to provide further information on our work!

If you would like to receive information about our research conducted in the UK, please enter your e-mail address in the box below!

Thanks for subscribing!

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